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About Us

Earthwise Trading is an umbrella for a group of businesses with the common ethos of helping families reduce their waste, by choosing reusable products.

Our core focus has always been on reusable nappies. We own and run three e-commerce nappy stores, plus a trade website for our own brand of nappy – Wonderoos. We also run Earthwise Girls – a website for eco-menstrual and other “green” bathroom products. We welcome wholesale enquiries – please use the tabs to learn more about the products we have to offer.


Earthwise Trading – a potted history…

Plush Pants Cloth Nappies – our first e-commerce website, acquired in 2004 when the previous owner was about to close it down. Specialises in offering mixed nappy trial kits to help parents test out reusable nappies.

Plush Pants Terry Nappies – opened during the credit crunch of 2008, specialising in budget terry nappies.

Earthwise Girls – created in 2009 to offer reusable sanitary products to a bigger audience than is possible through the nappy websites.

Wonderoos Nappies – acquired the brand in 2013 and developed a new v.3 nappy, more products under development!

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