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 Earthwise Trading online shop

The products available for wholesale are:

Wonderoos v3 washable nappies – Available in a range of vibrant colours and cuddly fabrics, the award-winning Wonderoos V3 can be adjusted to fit most babies from birth until they are ready for potty training, so there’s no stress about what size will fit. Wonderoos V3 have a ‘stay-dry’ lining, waterproof outer layer, super absorbent bamboo and microfibre inserts - allowing the absorbency level to be customised as required. The inserts are adjustable depending on whether they are being worn by a girl or a boy, and also removable to make washing and drying Wonderoos quick and easy.


Real Easy Nappies -  quite simply designed to be as easy to use as a disposable nappy. Real Easy nappies come in several sizes to give the best fit at each stage, and are constructed with a soft micro fleece lining to keep baby feeling comfy and dry, while the thirsty soakers take care of the wetness.
Available in a range of UK-designed gender neutral prints, the generous size ranges mean there is a nappy to suit babies from low birth weight right up to hefty pre-schoolers who may not yet be dry at night. 



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